Specialty Items

Password Journal

Let this handsome elephant remember for you! Our Password Journal keeps your internet and device passwords and usernames safe and by your side. No need to keep them on your computer where they might be hacked.

Wine Notes Journal

A perfect gift for the new Wine Connoisseur. It has 50 two-sided pages divided into 3 sections for white, red, and specialty wines. Covered in a textured burgundy paper with gold stamped graphics and modern, colorful artwork peaking through. Measures 6" x 6" x 1/2" Item # J/66 X

Herb & Spice Funnel

Our Herb and Spice Funnel makes it easy to transfer bulk spices, herbs into jars, both large and small. Just tear off the funnel at the perforation, unfold, adjust the size of the opening if  necessary by cutting off the tip (3 sets of dotted lines for  suggestions) and you're ready to pour. 

Each journal comes with 60 fill in pages that you can put alphabetically where you need them; remove them when they are no longer valid. Pages have space for password changes and security questions and answers. Refill packs include 60 fill in pages. Binder measures 5 1/4”  wide x 5 3/4” tall.  Item # JPW/BE

Password Journal Refill Pages

Refill pack includes 60 pages. Item # RP/JPW

These funnels are made of sturdy paper stock and are also safe for liquids-really, anything that you need to pour, except HOT liquids. They are recommended for one time use, however, you can use one to refill several spice jars by just tapping it  and/or wiping it out with a dry cloth, between spices. 6 funnels per  package, Made in the USA. Item # BSF/BT